Русский Язык

Русский Язык

Во дни сомнений, во дни тягостных раздумий о судьбах моей родины, – ты одни мне поддержка и опора, о великий, могучий, правдивый и свободный русский язык! Не будь тебя – как не впасть в отчаяние при виде всего, что совершается дома? Но нельзя верить, чтобы такой язык не был дан великому народу!

Иван Тургенев – Июнь 1882

Russian Language

In days of doubt, in days of painful reflection on the fate of my country, you alone are my support – so great, mighty, honest and free: the Russian language! Were it not for you, wouldn’t we fall into despair at the sight of all that is done at home? But it is impossible to believe that such a language was not given to great people!
        Ivan Turgenev – June 1882

Домашнее Задание

Спаркл-хорс: Игристых Лошади
Правильно, у меня есть любимый музыкант. Правильно, у меня есть сильное мнение. Мой любимый Марк Линкос. Он умер в марте 6, 2010. День он умер был унылый день для человеков кто любить музыку. Он играел на бас-гитаре для Дангер Маус. А я люблю его соло-проекты больше. По-моему он необычайный композитора, и он выразил потенциал веселой жизнь с музыке.

Сегодня я слушаю его музыку и я слушал его музыку когда мне было восемнадцать лет. Я купил виниловый альбом в апреле по день нашонал рекорд. Мой любимый альбом вивадиксисабмаринтранзмишонплот поэтому что люблю говорить вивадиксисабмаринтранзмишонплот.

Всё его артистизм отлично. Ей богу, всё вы с меня согласны, даже если только подсознательно.

Carbon Oxygen bond

This is in truth the solution to problem number 39 in section 4.3 of Stewart, Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 6 edition. The nature of the equation is not specified.

This seemed to me to be very similar to the energies of a atomic bonding

Also this one vertically transfigured to be bond I was thinking of.

Okay This one doesn’t seem to do any better, and is a problem from the same book. I must say that I own a few Calculus books and this one is definitely my favorite: Stewart, Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 6 edition; and I hear there is a new edition out, or coming out this year. No matter what the prognosis is of the next edition – look forward to it.


I’m trying to conserve my money since I don’t really have any to conserve. I ran out of coffee this morning and went to get

They still do this!?

Who's idea was it to put coffee into a tin?

some more. I’ve heard that it is a family trait never to spare on coffee as every cent you put into coffee you get three times back; but being some what broke I decided to spare two dollars and buy some very cheap coffee. It came in a tin. I used a can opener. The coffee was in the tin. It is pre-ground. I put a pot of water on the stove, and prepared the french-press with eight level tablespoons of the pre-ground coffee out of the tin and waited for the water to boil. I have a very specific method when using the french press: the eight tablespoons is not exact – the ‘precise’ volume of coffee I add is seven level tablespoons and one heavily mounded; I then bring the water to a rolling boil and pull it off the stove and, while counting to 21 at a moderate pace, sworl the water; at the count of 21 I add only enough water to turn the grounds in to a muddy mixture pouring the water in with my right and sworlling with my left (the left handed sworl was a technique I had to develop, being right handed, as the immediacy is imperative: time is of the essence); once the muddy mixture in the bottom is homogenous I pour the rest of the water in down the glass of the press and not directly onto the grounds – this reduces the ascendancy of the bouquet, which permits the flavors to remain in the coffee. At this point it is easy to see how the coffee has turned out based on the color of the creme (the darker the better, if it appears pale something has gone wrong). I proceeded with this coffee as I have done enough times for it to be as autonomic as the palpitations of my heart. The creme was not pale, nor were the bubbles large, but, in a peculiar way, it lacked the aesthetic I know to look for (and it will bother me until I am better able to depict the errant vision of this creme). The coffee sat and steeped for roughly 70 seconds (I put little value in the steeping time of the coffee – I never depress the plunger in the french press beyond the level of the fluid, so it has as much time to saturate as it takes me to drink it). I poured the coffee into the cup. I rested the cup on my lower lip briefly as I inhaled deeply through my nose and mouth to initiate the experience. The aroma was like seeing the great plains stretch out so flat in all directions but for one eruptment jutting up as if God grabbed one of the Rockys and dropped it in the middle of Montana. It was odd. I couldn’t place it. Slurping the coffee it ran over my palate and as it reached the back of my tongue  it became metallic. On the alveolar it enhanced into distinction. Copper. There was a gritty sensation in my mouth after I let the coffee slip past the glottis to authenticate sucking on pennies.


Something far superior to the other bands I listed priorly: Amen Dunes. It was just recommended to me in an email from an ungulate chaser – pretty wild. I’ve been looking for music that is both worth listening to and rejuvenating. This seems to lift spirits and encourage which is at, this moment, precisely what I was looking for.


Since I moved (a pretty brobdingnagian change in life style) I’ve been having trouble enjoying the music I used to love, so in looking around on youtube I’ve fallen in with post rock music (which isn’t to far off from where I was). I’ve really been enjoying this Hungarian band Félperc mostly because they’re fairly awesome. With out any special emphasis the afore mentioned along with Hungry Ghost, I Am The Architect, No Clear MindAesthesys, Sóley, and The Low Anthem is mostly what I’ve been listening to as I redevelop my musical culture.

Motion of A particle

Lets not forget

It isn’t always easy to remember that I’m not the only one in the universe, but here I will be.